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Vision is the most important sensory system and it is much more than meets the eye. It affects every aspect of our lives, from basic perception of the world to communication, cognition and executive functions. Here at Bar Ilan University, at Optometry and Vision Science we bridge between clinical aspects of vision and brain research. We investigate a spectrum of visual functions from the physiological aspects of the retina to visual cortical functions. These include normal and abnormal vision, retinal and oculomotor aspects, perception, psychophysics and brain responses using multiple techniques (EEG, eye tracking, fMRI, and MRI). We also investigate rehabilitation and visual enhancements methods.

 Prof. Uri polat Lab

Ongoing Projects and Research Interests

  • Visual streams: Fine and coarse vision

  • Visual motion and its contribution to visual function and perception

  • Visual functions and their connection to brain structure and function

  • Involuntary eye movements as a window into cognitive processes

  • Abnormal visual conditions/development (amblyopia, presbyopia and aging, TBI, visual agnosia, autism, ADHD, stress and depression)

  • EEG of vision in a natural environment

  • Vision and time perception

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